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Asian ingredients – Kaffir Lime Leaves

KAFFIR LIME LEAF NUTS Kaffir lime leaves impart a wonderful fragrance to curries, steamed foods and stir fried dishes. For example, these are used to flavour steamed chicken in a number of restaurants in the hills of Sapa in northern Vietnam. It adds another dimension to the flavours when steamed with a delicious coconut-fish-curry in...
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Asian ingredients – Fish Sauce

FISH SAUCE The cornerstone of Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Laotian cuisine, fish sauce is not the fragrant and aromatic sauce one might imagine. Apart from its culinary qualities, it is a test of true love if one’s other half can put up with the aroma straight from the bottle. It’s a good substitute for...
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Asian ingredients – Star Anise

STAR ANISE For my 21st birthday, some friends gave me a copy of the Margaret Fulton Cookbook and on the front cover is stated: “…good food and good cooking are part of all that is best in life”. I agree with this wholeheartedly. While it’s wonderful to go out for dinner and take a...
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