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It’s a beautiful world…Western Australia flowers series 1

Monday These flowers were photographed in the gardens of King’s Park, Mandurah, Hyden and other country towns in Western Australia. The beautiful colours and varieties are a wonder to behold and are best seen in the spring months. According to locals, August and September are the prime time to see this display and some suggested walking trails...
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Footscray – Nicholson Street Mall precinct

The entrance to the Nicholson Street Mall, a short distance from Victoria University and located within the Footscray central business district, is marked by some boulders and gum trees where one can sit to dream away the time or as a landmark meeting place to wait for friends. But lest one forgets the time, there...
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Springtime Blossoms and the Garden of St Erth

It’s great that the days are gradually lengthening. After all these years of living in Australia, I have just learned the saying “Spring forward” means an hour forward in time when Spring arrives and “Fall back” means it’s time to turn the clock back an hour in Autumn. Each season brings a...
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