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We are able to cater for special groups on days other than Saturdays; such groups could include, school groups, professional clubs and other special interest groups. If you are interested in organizing a special group tour please contact Vietnam on a Plate to discuss your options.


Footscray Market

Footscray is the gateway to Melbourne’s western region and is home to more than 39,000 people from an Asian background, or around 8% of the region’s population. In Footscray alone, 30% of its people were born in Asia. Many members of this large community visit Footscray Shopping Centre at least once a week, often more, to buy their fresh food and specialty food supplies, to socialise, to eat, to visit the hairdresser and generally remind themselves of their home countries.

The shopping centre is a place where the English is not always the most frequently used language, where a bowl of pho or a plate of noodles is the most popular fast food and where there is rarely a burger to be seen.

Sights, sounds, tastes and smells are all different from those to which most visitors are accustomed and are evocative of visits to many Asian countries.


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